out there

The shot below was captured while I was on a job for a new client last week. The different perspective I got from the top of a building was so far from my normal day to day experiences - it was stimulating and a little exhilarating. It would seem that I need to get out more. I can already see that being my new years resolution.

Have a good week.


It's always sobering to see what devastation fire can have on the environment whether urban or rural. Perhaps some of my 'wiring' is a little different to the norm - many might agree - but the charred aftermath of trees do IMO have a beauty of their own. Don't misinterpret this, I DO NOT want to start a fire, it's merely a observation, even if slightly morbid.

This week I visited Hillbilly Cider HQ. The pictures below show a little of the aftermath of the fires at the end of October that swept the Blue Mountains and just how close the Hillbilly Cider command centre came to being raised to the ground.

From the air, the landscape must look reminiscent of a yin & yang symbol, with one side of a road lush green and the other burnt out. Which in a way is fitting. 


There's a saying that 'a change is as good as a holiday'. There's definitely some truth in that. It's pretty awesome to be sitting at a desk writing this and looking down part of Sydney Harbour. That may sound better than it is... my view is what many might describe as 'harbour glimpses'. Regardless, it's a significant improvement from the brick wall my previous office overlooked and I find it most distracting at times. Like this moment in fact. So distracting I've ditched what I was going to write about and taken a bunch of pictures in the last 5 minutes to make this. Enjoy the weekend.